Supreme Ventures on board to take gymnastics to next Olympics

Supreme Ventures recently announced that they will be providing support to Jamaica’s national gymnastics programme for the next three years.

The announcement was made last weekend, just one week before the start of the newly renamed Supreme Ventures Gymnastics Classic 2022, which takes place Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking at the press conference at Jamaica Gymnastics headquarters, Supreme Ventures Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager Chloleen Daley-Muschett surprised Jamaica Gymnastics President Nicole Grant-Brown and the audience with the news that their partnership would not be for one, but for three years.

“Supreme Ventures is proud to support this vision and it is our distinct pleasure to vault into the sport of gymnastics by virtue of our expanded three-year sponsorship of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA).

“The spectacular athleticism and beauty of the sport of gymnastics is a pleasure to witness, and we hope that this exhibition will inspire and educate these young gymnasts to become world champions– climbing even higher than the high standard set by Jamaica’s Olympians Toni-Ann Williams and Danusia Francis,” she said.

Daley-Muschett says that she envisions Jamaica becoming a powerhouse in gymnastics in much the same way as they are in track and field, which Supreme Ventures has been supporting for many, many years.

“There is no reason why Jamaica cannot also become a powerhouse in the sport of gymnastics, we have the talent, we have the drive and we have an endless supply of passion. Jamaica is coming along on that journey as we become accustomed to our athletics programmes expanding to include sports that we are not as accustomed to as others,” she said.

A delighted Grant-Brown thanked the JOA for establishing the partnership between Jamaica Gymnastics and Supreme Ventures.

“We are happy and elated that the vision of the Jamaica Olympic Association is wide enough to recognise that sports is important for the development of our country and have put so much effort in helping the sport of gymnastics to grow by marrying us with a partnership of this nature.

“Supreme Ventures, we thank you for providing such well-needed resources at this stage of our development. It shows that you are one to work with sports in Jamaica from the beginning and not just when they are on top.

“We want to be Jamaica’s most consistent Olympics sports and most participated by our youth in this country and we cannot do it without companies like yours,” she said.

Grant-Brown wants to see the sport introduced to children at a very early age as it can help with their development in other sports as well.

“It is important to note that gymnastics is the foundation for all sports and one of our goals is to incorporate the sport in the schools’ curriculum from kindergarten to grade nine as it is done in other Caribbean countries. “This is to enable the development of not just gymnastics but other sport as it enables and quickly develop motor skills, discipline and a strong and flexible body which is needed in all sports and that’s what gymnastics is about.”

The two-day National Championships will take place this Saturday and Sunday starting at 10:00 am each day.

The event brings together over 100 gymnasts from all affiliated clubs in Jamaica as well as interest from overseas and national aspirants whose desire is to compete for Jamaica.

This year there are competitors from the USA, Canada, the UK, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica. All will showcase their skills in a friendly, competitive environment where all covid protocols are and will be observed.

The sponsorship from Supreme Ventures has enabled the association to add two much-needed judges to now include four highly qualified judges as part of the competition to properly judge and assess the athletes at the highest standard.

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