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JOA continues Stamina Series for maths proficiency

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) says it will further advance its educational platform through its continuation of the Stamina Education Series by offering a teaching course to ensure student-athletes are better prepared in mathematics.

The free sessions will start on Monday, July 5, and will be held in a face-to-face setting in groups of eight students spread over different days.

JOA Member Relations Manager Novelette Harris says the series is intended to help students cover ground and bridge gaps in education opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The restrictions caused by the current pandemic have impacted some students’ education in a significant way and so we saw the need to assist in bridging the gap through this math tutoring segment as a first step in helping our youngsters,” she said.

This initiative is one of a number of programmes launched by the JOA, Jamaica governing body for sport, to strengthen the educational portfolio of persons involved in all facets of the industry.

Only recently, the JOA activated its tripartite Protocol of Cooperation with the Jamaica Paralympic Association and United States Sports Academy for studies straight through to PhD level, the JOA Scholarship Programme, JOA Internship Programme, CGF eqUIP Internship and the 10-year Memorandum of Strategic Alliance with World Eleven Incorporated/Argentina Football Association (AFA), which will provide advantages offered by the AFA’s Technology Institute for the benefit of football in Jamaica.

Yvonne Kong, a JOA director and a lecturer in the programme, noted the critical role of mathematics in everyday reasoning and logic, saying that the subject is easier than often imagined as long as one grasps the basic principles.

“Mathematics is fundamental to our lives and studies,” she said. “To some, the subject can seem difficult because they never had enough time to grasp the basic concepts.

“We hope to use these sessions to get our young athletes to strengthen any shaky foundation that they may have and see the importance of mathematics in their daily lives.”

Registration has already begun with students from a number of high schools across Kingston and St Andrew covering grade levels seven through 10. The JOA is requesting that other student-athletes who are interested in participating in the tutoring sessions send their information to registration@joa.org.jm.

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