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The Jamaica Observer Limited and the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) on Tuesday signed a landmark multi-year partnership agreement that will see both entities joining forces to deliver promotional and development support for stakeholders

It is public knowledge that Jamaica's prowess in the field events has become known on the global stage and the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) salutes our champions in the field who are toiling

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) says the growth and development of field sports in Jamaica is evidenced by the impressive performances of Jamaican field athletes at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

President of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) Christopher Samuda is predicting an “impressive” medal haul at the inaugural Caribbean Games which began in Guadeloupe on Wednesday and runs through to July 3.

Nichole Case, chief information officer for the Grace Kennedy Financial Group, recounts initially wanting to pursue a career in medicine. However, while on a summer job during her early university days she learned

The success of sports is inextricably linked with the development of people, and the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) is transforming the game by pursuing a strategy of building capacity and creating opportunities for

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) has selected a list of chefs de mission for the next six major international campaigns. Former national squash player Karen Anderson will lead Jamaica’s delegation to the 2022 Caribbean

The financial performance of Jamaica's governing body for Olympic and non-Olympic sports continues to raise the bar in demonstrating prudence, innovation, investment savvy and commercial value. The annual general meeting of the Jamaica Olympic