It was in honour of the Reggae Girlz and a fitting tribute to Jamaica's sport ambassadors that was delivered recently by the local governing body for Olympic sports, the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA),

Christopher Samuda knows sport is so much more than a game. He knows it inspires collaboration and teamwork, increases confidence, reduces stress and improves mental health. It is with that in mind, that the

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) will pump $25 million into the Reggae Girlz’s 2024 Olympic Games qualification campaign. The Reggae Girlz will face Canada in a two-way tie on September 22 and 26 with

JOA proud of the example being set by Reggae Girlz THE COMMITMENT, courage and fighting spirit of the Reggae Girlz in their journey in Paris to claim a historic berth in the knockout round

The technical staff of Jamaica’s Senior Women’s football team have signed one-year contracts with the Jamaica Football Federation. The contracts signed take effect from September 2022 and expire on September 30, 2023. Within that

President of the Jamaica Olympic Association, Christopher Samuda, issued a statement congratulating the Reggae Girlz on their qualification for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup on Tuesday. The Girlz defeated Haiti 4-0 in Mexico

Jamaica Olympic Association President Christopher Samuda hopes Jamaica can compete in football at the Olympics one day. “The Olympic Association understands that our role in sport is not only to change the game which


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