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JOA salutes the Reggae Girlz

Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz took the World Cup by storm and created gale-force winds in the Olympic universe and have left behind a climate that encourages hope for young aspiring girls who wish to make football the acme in their sporting life.

“A display of courage, pride in representing their country and commitment to a heroic cause” is how Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) President Christopher Samuda described the Reggae Girlz’s Olympic journey which Olympic champions Canada aborted on Tuesday night at a full-to-capacity BMO Stadium which was flooded innumerably with the maple leaf colour red of the host nation’s patriots.

“Numbers are quantitative, but character is qualitative. Despite being outnumbered in the stands, our girls were equal to the task on the field and the turf at BMO became, for them, a stomping ground of determination and mettle,” JOA secretary general and Chief Executive Officer Ryan Foster said.

The JOA continues to emphasise in its “Sport for all, all for sport” policy the value of, and values in, sport in building the software and hardware of the human capital and in playing the game right and not with might.

“Disappointed but never defeated, a statistical loss but a priceless gain in character and wisdom, out of the race but always in with a valiant fight,” the JOA president reflected on the Olympic experience gained by the Reggae Girlz and the lessons they continue to teach a grateful nation.

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