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Levell’s Olympic dream gets $1m boost

OLYMPIC-BOUND BRYAN Levell’s preparations for his Paris debut has received a significant boost, so says the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA).

The national 200-metre champion was given a cash investment of $1 million.

Levell was also fourth in the 100 metres at the National Championships and has been named as a reserve to run in the individual event.

Levell announced his arrival on the big stage when he broke the 10-second barrier at the National Championships, clocking 9.98 to win his semifinal, before a creditable fourth-place finish in the final.

Levell then went on to break the 20-second barrier over 200 metres, clocking 19.97 to claim the national title.

The 200-metre national champion says the boost “will be very beneficial with me not having any support and by giving me this award the JOA is supporting my dreams and aspirations.”

Ideal candidate

The JOA, in its release, said Levell’s achievements to date, make him an ideal candidate to receive the financial boost under its ‘Young Olympic Changemakers’ programme.

According to JOA’s secretary general, Ryan Thompson, the Young Olympic Changemakers’ programme is a way to give tangibly to those who put in the effort to achieve at the highest level.

“It is a handshake that acknowledges excellence, empathises with a need and shares in an Olympic dream that has become a reality. It is a firm handshake of mutuality that says we’re in this together in realising Bryan’s aspirations and for Jamaica’s glory,” said Thompson.

Levell’s manager, Damia Russell, lauded the athlete’s resilience and “will to win”, noting his challenges with injuries over the years and the difficulty of training full-time without sponsorship.

“Bryan intends to advocate and show other young boys and girls that dreams do come true and hard work works,” said Russell.

According to JOA president, Christopher Samuda, his organisation has a duty to support athletes like Levell.

“We have a social contract with our sportsmen and women who are our business, livelihood and lifeblood and we are delivering opportunities on a level playing field,” he said.

The JOA has also provided financial support to Malik James-King, Samantha Hall, Shanieka Ricketts, and Nayoka Clunis.

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