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SANTIAGO, Chile — President Nicole Grant says Gymnastics Jamaica is enjoying success in recent times because of a business model it utilised that is similar to that exercised by

PRESIDENT OF the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA), Christopher Samuda, is now second vice-president of the Centro Caribe Sports Committee (CCS), following Monday’s General Assembly in Santiago, Chile. Samuda, along with

Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) Chief Executive Officer Ryan Foster says this year's Pan American (Pan Am) Games will be taken very seriously by the nation's athletes because it serves

It was in honour of the Reggae Girlz and a fitting tribute to Jamaica's sport ambassadors that was delivered recently by the local governing body for Olympic sports, the

Christopher Samuda knows sport is so much more than a game. He knows it inspires collaboration and teamwork, increases confidence, reduces stress and improves mental health. It is with that

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) will pump $25 million into the Reggae Girlz’s 2024 Olympic Games qualification campaign. The Reggae Girlz will face Canada in a two-way tie on September

It is widely accepted that sport is a "shelf life" and the life thereafter is the real deal. It is also universally acknowledged that a good education is one's

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