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The Olympic Dream – 10 in 20

With just under one hundred and forty days to go to Tokyo 2020, athletes from a variety of sports are working feverishly to qualify for the 2020 Olympics and to help the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) to realise its dream of sending ten sports to participate in the Games.

Of the forty-seven member associations, fourteen remain hopeful of participation in the Games. Among the hopefuls are: athletics, aquatics, badminton, boxing, football (women), gymnastics, judo, karate, rowing, taekwondo, volleyball, skateboarding and wrestling.

Since 2018 the JOA has consistently been sending the largest contingents to the various games and has also reaped the largest haul of medals in the history of the organisation. In 1972 the organisation sent a total of six sports to participate in the Games hosted in Munich, West Germany. The sports represented were athletics, boxing, cycling, diving, sailing and swimming. Jamaica has participated in the Summer Olympic games from 1948 and has only earned medals in athletics and cycling in 1980 with the London Games being our most successful appearance to date, amassing a total of seventy eight medals.  

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