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Jamaican archers take aim at Olympics

Jamaica’s national archers are pursuing an Olympic dream with the conviction that it will come true.

A contingent is now in the Dominican Republic, where members are competing as a team in a qualifying tournament for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, and once in Chile the Patriots will battle their regional counterparts for an Olympic berth.

A very optimistic team manager and general secretary of the Jamaica Archery Association (JAA) Sean Pierre said, “The current position of archery is at its highest as we could not be in a better position as we are now. For a country so new to the sport, not only at home in Jamaica but internationally, and with continued support from the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) the road doesn’t end for us as we are inspired to represent our country at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and beyond.”

JOA President Christopher Samuda is also looking down the range with hope.

“Archery, like so many associations, has embraced the Olympic dream as part of their sporting DNA, a reality that the JOA continues to inspire in fuelling our vision and mission ‘All for sport, sport for all”.

With young archers already booked for a historic appearance in this year’s Central America and Caribbean (CAC) Games in El Salvador, JOA Secretary/CEO Ryan Foster says, “It’s D-Day. Bullseye is the target, touchstone, and goal as we support our member association and archers in their quest for an Olympic experience and sporting glory.”

In pursuing an aggressive agenda of transitioning archers, Team Manager Pierre has delivered a charge to his protégés: “The only way you will know how good you are is to get out there and compete.”

The JOA, the local apex governing body for Olympic sport, has indicated that it continues to commit resources to the development of its members and athletes and this hopefully for the national archers will result in quivers of historic achievements in international competitions and games.

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