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JOA pledges support for Curling Jamaica

Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) pledged its support for the Jamaica Curling Federation (Curling Jamaica) during a press briefing yesterday at the Jamaica Olympic Manor.

JOA President Christopher Samuda said the JOA will provide financial and administrative support for Curling Jamaica as they seek to aid the development of the federation’s infrastructure and improve Jamaica’s global presence in the sport.

“The JOA is in the business of developing sports, and curling is no different,” Samuda said. “We will help them financially. We will help them from an administrative point of view in order to build out their infrastructure, their governance framework, their financial framework, and their marketing model. “We’re looking at it holistically so we can ensure that their development is in line with the Olympic charter so that they can get the chance to stake their claim on the international stage and become a model organisation.”Samuda is confident that with the JOA’s support, Curling Jamaica can become competitive at the Olympic level, and he is buoyed by the recent success seen from the federation.

Samuda said that this support for Curling Jamaica is part of the JOA’s mission to develop sporting disciplines for the Winter Olympic Games

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