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JOA aims to keep Jamaican women at the summit

Women have been the talk of several Jamaican sporting achievements so far this year and First Vice President of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) Jacqueline Cowan, has indicated that they are on a mission to not only maintain the dominance of women, but increase it.

According to Cowan, to maximise the potential and get success, the aim is to target girls at the grass-roots level.

“We have a committee actually looking at schools to see how best we can assist young girls, not only from the sporting sections, but to see where we can assist with socio-economic issues, so as to put a platform in place where people can actually do their craft without having to worry about other things. That is one of the aims,” Cowan said.

She said another goal is to get Jamaican women to excel in non-traditional sports by introducing girls to different sports at an early age.

“We want athletes to be comfortable. We want to be able to expose females to more sports; so it is not just netball, track and field and football. There are other sports and other opportunities.

“So through the commission, one of the things that we are trying to do is expose girls to other factors of sports, and not just the ones that we deem as popular,” Cowan said.

She argues that many benefits come with participating in sports and highlighting these opportunities to the girls, for them to put to good use.

“There are so many opportunities, especially for females on the education side in the States (USA). There are several scholarships, so we just look at the total number of athletes and look at where they can actually benefit from being an athlete, and all the opportunities that are there.

“So as more people see those opportunities, hopefully, we will see more people participating, and participating in sports that are not normally seen as a popular sport, but to get involved in other sports,” Cowan said.

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