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Supreme Ventures reaffirmed as sponsors for netball leagues

Supreme Ventures Limited has reaffirmed its sponsorship for Jamaica’s major and minor netball leagues. Supreme Ventures presented a symbolic cheque for $3.5 million during the recent 2024 Divisional League opening ceremony.

Tricia Robinson, president of Netball Jamaica, said the sponsorship showed Supreme Ventures’ continued support for the development of netball in Jamaica.

“Supreme Ventures are no strangers to sponsoring netball in Jamaica,” she said. “They are long-standing sponsors actually and it shows their commitment to the development of youth through sports. It ensures that Jamaica remains a staple in netball so these sponsorships are very important.”

Robinson pointed to the efforts of corporate sponsors like Supreme Ventures, as well as Marathon Insurance Brokers, as the vehicles behind the continued success of netball in Jamaica.

She explained that through corporate investments in the development of local leagues, Jamaica is able to funnel a flow of talent into the national programme.

“It is through the fostering of the local talents that we are able to ensure that Jamaica is in the top-four or top-five competitive nations in the world. It is very important that we ensure that the development programmes are funded,” Robinson said.

Christopher Samuda, president of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA), echoed the sentiments of Robinson.

Samuda explained that the JOA has been campaigning on the behalf of Netball Jamaica to secure sponsorships for the leagues and development initiatives.

For Samuda, the continued relationship between Netball Jamaica and Supreme Ventures is in part due to agreements made by the JOA.

“It is very important,” he said. “Netball has benefited from negotiations by the JOA. We have a partnership with Supreme Ventures and the funds we have secured from Supreme Ventures we can then use to support netball.

“It has been our policy, ‘Sports for all, all for sports’, to ensure that all sports are supported by corporate Jamaica and netball has done exceptionally well over the years so we have spotlighted that. So it is through leveraging our partnerships that they have benefited particularly under the Supreme Ventures deal.”

When asked about the role the JOA played in these agreements, Robinson added, “Definitely. Though their partnerships, we are able to benefit. In fact, our leagues are sponsored through them and their partners.”

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