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Jamaica joins World Curling Federation

Curling Jamaica has joined the World Curling Federation as the 67th Member Association on a Conditional Membership as part of the Americas zone and will be eligible to compete in the newly created Pan Continental Curling Championships.

With 18 members and growing, Curling Jamaica is keen to develop and promote the sport using FloorCurling, with hopes of building an ice rink in the future.

“I’m pleased to welcome Jamaica into our World Curling family,” said World Curling Federation President, Kate Caithness.

“This is an exciting milestone for the sport as we continue to increase our Members in non-traditional curling nations. We look forward to working together to increase curling’s exposure in Jamaica and seeing their development over the years.”

“As we follow on well-worn the path of our many great Jamaican athletes, the excitement is palpable as we now slide on to the World Curling stage,” said Andrew Walker, Secretary General of Curling Jamaica.

“This is an exciting day for Jamaica and its curling athletes. I’ve dreamt of this day for many years and to see it come to fruition is almost overwhelming. As with any sport Jamaica plays it will step up, show out and strive to be the best we can be,” said Cristiene Hall-Teravainen, Vice President and Technical Director of Curling Jamaica.

“For many years, I have envisioned the day that a Jamaican curling team would step onto the ice and represent Jamaica on the world stage. That day will now become reality, and I thank the World Curling Federation, the Jamaica Olympic Association, and all of our members and supporters who helped to make this a reality,” said Curling Jamaica President, Ben Kong.

He added, “I cannot wait to begin our on-ice preparations, grow the sport of curling in Jamaica, and watch Jamaica make its debut at a World Curling Championship.”

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*Editors note* Curling Jamaica as a conditional member of the World Curling Federation are not yet eligible to compete in international championships. However, their ability to compete will be instated as soon as they are accepted as a provisional member by the current World Curling federation Member Associations.”

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