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Jamaica to host Lacrosse Sixes tourney in November; Lacrosse association lauds JOA for support

Sport development requires co-operation and synergistic partnerships and the collaboration between the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) and the Jamaica Lacrosse Association (JLA) is poof positive of this.

A strong partnership between the local governing Olympic body and its member in a joint bid to host the Pan American Lacrosse Association‘s Sixes Tournament, resulted in success with Jamaica set to host in November what both sporting bodies have labelled “A Lacrosse Explosion in Jamrock.”

President of the Jamaica Lacrosse Association, Calbert Hutchinson, in reflecting on the partnership quoted Robert Louis Stephenson saying, “Keep your eyes open to your mercies. The man who forgets to be thankful has fallen asleep in life.”

He went on to relate it to the JLA’s experience with the JOA saying “the JLA is staying awake by giving thanks to those who have and continue to provide support and guidance.”

JOA President, Christopher Samuda, in lauding the JLA  in converting the sport locally into a household name and for its partnership with the JOA, said “The vision of the JLA has led to a pioneering blueprint in sport development as both bodies join forces in hosting an international event that will be financially viable for our member while giving the sport a well earned fillip and profile locally and globally.”

Sport will remain or only become sustainable if its business and commercial value are understood and synergies created that fuel real development.

JOA Secretary General and CEO,  Ryan Foster, in underscoring the value of this partnership remarked that “this is the first business of sport framework of its kind in the local Olympic movement where the JOA and the JLA are shareholders engaging in a  commercial space  with a mutual commitment to monetize the sport while investing solidly in its human stock so as to  secure for the JLA capital for its players, dividends  for the association’s coffers and tangible brand benefits.”

The Sixes tournament later this year promises to  be a “November to remember” event and as a preface to it there were fireworks  recently in San Diego at the World Championships  where the Lacrosse Jamrock warriors created an explosion by defeating fancied European and Oceana teams to gain a historic berth in the quarter finals, the only Caribbean, Central and South American team to cement that position on the world stage.

“Lacrosse continues to explode with energy and dynamism and the JOA is pleased to be with them as history making feats are ignited” Samuda said.

The sport locally in the last four years has made tremendous strides under the Hutchinson led administration and internationally it has been gaining currency. With such progress, the advocacy of the JOA and JLA for it to become an Olympic sport is now an action item on their joint agenda.

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